iPhone 5 and iPod: A Few More Rumors and Leaks


Readers, catch our liveblog of Apple’s event here.

Just an hour-and-a-half remaining until Tim Cook hits the stage and we see the iPhone 5 and new iPods.

Let’s go over a few quick rumors and some last-minute developments before the event. Below, you can also catch up on some of the past iPhone 5 rumors.

1) Apple’s new connector is called “Lightning.”

Apple’s new dock connector is smaller, and looks more durable. It’s going to be called Lightning, according to a report. It’s said that it will also be compatible with USB 3.0, which means transfers will happen fast. Hence the name. Newer Ivy Bridge Macs support USB 3.0.


2) New earbuds are called “Earpods”

Remember the new earbuds we saw a week or so back?


These are said to be called Earpods. They will offer improved audio quality, and should be priced at about $30, say reports. It’s not confirmed whether they will be included with the new iPhone or sold as an alternative to the ones that ship with the handset. However, it seems most likely to be a redesign.


3) The “Loop”

iPodNN mentioned this one. It’s something called the Loop. We have no idea what it is. It’s something that’s part of the upcoming iPod touch lineup, and will be available in black, red, pink, yellow and blue. There’s nothing else to say about that, and no one can confirm if it’s even real.


4) The iPhone 5 will have an A6 Processor and Qualcomm LTE  chip


There are also some shows of what is said to be some of the device’s internals. They reveal the A6 processor and a Qualcomm chipset that’s LTE enabled. (9to5Mac)


 5) iPod Shuffle

There are also reports that the new iPod shuffle will come in some additional colors. It will still be 2GB, but we hear it’s going to be available in pink, yellow, blue, green, silver, “slate” and red. Nothing major, but then again, the shuffle isn’t a major device for Apple. They’d much rather sell you an iPod touch, because it costs quite a bit more and links you to the App Store.  (Gizmodo)


6) The iPod touch is being updated. Supposedly, it’s a major update. 

The iPod touch should be getting a major update, according to MacRumors. Here is what we can expect:

– New colors

– Larger screen and thinner design


– Better camera

– Compatibility with iPad and Mac to function as a controller, etc

– A5 processor

– New Dock Connector



It’s Almost Time

The announcements should come soon. It will all be official in less than an hour.

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