iPhone 5: Flickering Lines on Keyboard Issue


iPhone 5 Keyboard flicker

We noticed that our iPhone 5 keyboard was having issues with a flickering line on the keyboard. After a Google search, we found that it’s not a totally uncommon issue. There are a few users out there experiencing this.

The above photo is our own. You can see the lines across the numbers on our iPhone 5 keyboard. They actually flicker. The video below was captured by an iPhone 5 owner who also noticed the problems. Some say that it comes after they enter their Apple ID and passwords, but we’ve noticed it even in apps like Mail (as our picture shows).

It seems it could be software-related, but there are a few things to take note of:

1) We haven’t found a correlation between any particular apps and the flicker on our own handset.

2) It only seems to affect the iPhone 5.

3) It’s not an issue with all iPhone 5 handsets that we know of. Either that, or it is, but many users simply haven’t encountered it yet, since it seems to happen at random.

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