iPhone 5: LTE vs Wifi in Our Tests (Update)


(Update: We do have to wonder about our wifi on iOS 6. It seems slow, but we tested the connection on our MacBook Pro and it was fast. That’s just an additional side note that could be the factor)

We hear LTE is fast. We’re told it’s faster than most home wifi networks so we figured we’d give it a shot.

We used two programs for speed testing, and here’s what we found:




This is over LTE – Download speeds are at 27.52 with uploads of 15.95.



Over wifi, we saw that downloads were 14.53 and up was 2.04. However, this leads us to believe that we may need to troubleshoot our wifi network.


Speedtest X HD


LTE – we saw downloads speeds of 19.30 and upload speeds of 13.49.



Wifi showed us download speeds of 5.23 and upload speeds of .75. That’s definitely slow, but again, it almost seems slower than our connection regularly does.


If connections are this fast, FaceTime over LTE should be no problem at all. We just wonder how many folks may be using data more than wifi.





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