iPhone 5: Our Thumb Reach Across Apple’s New iPhone

iPhone 5_in hand

The iPhone 5 is taller. We all know that. It’s not any wider. We all know that, too. Apple’s main reason for not widening the phone, however, was so that users could comfortably reach any part of the screen with their thumb. How well did they accomplish that?

The top-most photo in our set (above the cut.) is our thumb on the Home Button. It’s

iPhone 5_Middle

The middle is very easy to reach. No problem at all.

Top-left corner

This is probably the furthest from your hand. It’s a bit awkward, but probably relies more heavily on the size of your hand and the length of your thumb.


This is a bit closer to the hand than the previous area , still reaching any part of the top of the iPhone likely won’t be a problem for the average adult hand. If anything, you may have to quickly adjust the positioning of your handset to reach.

The lower corners of the iPhone 5 were no problem.


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