iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Are Now Open

iPhone 5 Preorder

iPhone 5 preorders opened today. Are you getting yours?

All the usual suspects are offering the handset for preorder: Apple, AT&T, Best Buy, Verizon, Sprint.

You will have to check if you are eligible for an upgrade. Apple, as well as your respective carriers should have a system for checking that out. Usually, you will need your phone number and the last for digits of the primary account holder’s social.

You can go to any of these sites to do it:






Best Buy will offer in-store preorders.


Some Things to Keep in Mind About Carriers

What will you have to know about some of the carriers? There’s a bit:



Good: FaceTime over cellular with any data plan.

Bad: You can’t keep your grandfathered unlimited data plan, still no browsing/data while on a call



Good: Keep your grandfathered data plans

Bad: You sort of get FaceTime over cellular. Unfortunately, you will need one of those mobile shared data plans. It won’t work with any other plan. That’s kind of a pain, really.



Good: Unlimited data is one of their standard plans. None of that tiered junk.

Bad: No data while on a call, just like Verizon.


Will You Be Preordering?

Will you preorder? Will you wait until the day of? Are you in any hurry to pick up the iPhone 5 at all, or can you wait a month or so? Perhaps you aren’t interested in an iPhone 5, in which case we’d have to ask how you got this far. 🙂

Either way, good luck with your new phone if you choose to pick one up.

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