iPhone Rumor of the Day: ‘The New iPhone’


The iPhone 5 is going to be announced on the 12th. We can be pretty sure of this, because Apple has already sent out invites. A new rumor seems to claim that the next handset will be called “The New iPhone” just like the iPad was during its announcement? Their proof? a picture of a lady carrying some boxes. Is it real? Faked?

First off, Apple very clearly put a “5” on the invite. Then there is the fact that the third-gen iPad was announced as “the new iPad” but even then, the tablet cam in a box that simply read “iPad.” It didn’t say anything about “The New iPad” or “iPad 3.” Of course Apple does tend to number the iPhone on the box. It just seems that calling it “the new iPhone” could become a bit confusing. Or is it just us?

[via Know Your Mobile]


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