iPod Nano: What’s New?

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The iPhone 5 wasn’t the only thing Apple showed off today. They also announced the new iPod nano. It’s completely redesigned. Well, so were the iPhone and the iPod touch, but this is the most drastic as it doesn’t even seem like the same device anymore. Let’s take a look at what’s new.

1) Larger screen


The new nano sports a larger, multitouch screen. It’s 2.5 inches. That’s a nice update, and a major difference from the previous model. It seems people wanted to be able to watch video on their iPod nano again. It’s roughly twice the size of the screen on the previous nano. It also comes in seven colors: graphite, aluminum, purple, red, yellow, green and blue.


2) Home Button

The new nano has a Home Button. This makes it more like an iPod touch. The downside is that it’s not actually (or doesn’t seem to be running iOS). This means no Apps. Still. It’s interesting to see that it’s more like an iPod touch these days.

iPod nano video

3) Bluetooth 

The new iPod nano has Bluetooth 4.0 technology. This means that you can connect it to other devices such as bluetooth headphones, speakers and car systems.


4) FM Radio

The iPod also has a FM radio receiver. You can also rewind and pause live radio (rewind up to 15 minutes) and fast-foward to catch up to the broadcast.


5) Built-in Pedometer

The nano also has a built-in pedometer. It works with Nike+ to keep track of how many steps you take and how far you’ve walked. It’s a good exercise companion for sure.


When can I have one?

The iPod nano will be 16GB and sells for $149. Preorders start on the same day as the iPhone 5, September 14.


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