Reducing Spotlight

The Spotlight feature is a tool on the iOS to help you search for content on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.  Since the iPhone’s storage space and options for content began to expand, it became a little more difficult to always manually find what you’re looking for.  When you have a very full device it can be difficult to actually browse through the kind of content you are looking for, even with the Spotlight Search.  The best way to make this more manageable is to actually reduce the number of file types that will actually come up in the search prompt.

To reduce the Spotlight Search read out you start by going into Settings and then going down to General, which is at the top of the third block of options right above iCloud.  Go to Spotlight Search, which is under iTunes W-Fi Sync and above Auto-Lock.

Here you are then going to see all the different types of content that will come up in response to your Spotlight Search.  This will include contacts, applications, music, podcasts, videos, audiobooks, notes, events, Mail, voice memos, Reminders, and Messages.  Each item that is set to response to the Spotlight Search will have a check mark to its left, and if you select it then the check mark will disappear and it will no longer respond to the search.  To the right of the item there will be a button that appears as three lines on top of each other.  When you press this you can slide the content option up or down on the list.  The list, as it is presented, is the order in which the Spotlight Search will display its results.  This is a way that you can actually determine the order in which the content will appear when you are doing a Spotlight Search.


The idea here is that you can reduce the results to just the type of content that you normally find yourself employing Spotlight for.  This could mean that you only use it for Contacts, Music, and apps, and therefore you can reduce it to that and make your searches generally go more quickly and smoothly.

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