Report: Apple Using Less Samsung Components in iOS Devices

iPhone 4S

All Things D is reporting that recent tensions between Apple and Samsung have led the Cupertino company to seek other component suppliers for their iPhones and iPads. Patent lawsuits make enemies out of friends.

According to sources within the supply chains for the devices, Apple is cutting back on their Samsung part orders. Here’s a portion of the All Things D report:

“While it continues to rely on Samsung for some iOS device parts, Apple has opted not to use it as a key supplier of the memory chips and displays for its next-generation iPhone. Instead, it has turned to Toshiba, SK Hynix and Elpida Memory for memory chips, and to LG Display for liquid crystal displays.”

All Things D does note that Apple did have plans to spread out their supply chain, this would make things easier for them in instances where unforeseen circumstances such as the major quake and tsunami in Japan last year affect suppliers. They also speculate that the patent battle going on between the two is part of why they may be cutting back on orders as well.

[via All Things D]

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