Report: iPhone 5 Will Support LTE

iPhone 5_MockUp

This isn’t a huge surprise. The next iPhone is expected to be an LTE handset. In other words, it will have a faster connection speeds. It’s also expected to work worldwide, which, according to the Wall Street Journal, will include the US, Europe and Asia.

LTE is something Apple has to do at this point. It’d be very difficult to convince potential buyers why they should choose a 3G handset over something on a 4G network.

Not only does it work in Apple’s favor by giving them eager consumers who want those fast data speeds. Carriers love to sell 4G handsets because it lets them sell higher data plans. Here’s a portion of the Wall Street Journal report:

Wireless carriers are eager to drive more customers to those networks, which are more efficient and could spur faster growth in data revenue by making it easier for consumers to use services like streaming video.

We will all know for sure in about two days, when Apple announces the new handset at a media event set for September 12.

[via WSJ]

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