Report: The New iMacs Are On the Way


According to Clayton Morris of FoxNews, Apple is soon going to announce the new lineup of iMacs. It’s due for an update (though updates are always a bit of a bummer, because my computer suddenly feels old). Morris says that multiple sources have told him that the new computers are on the way.

He also notes that inventory is running low for the computers, and it seems likely that Apple is cutting back as they prepare for a new model.

He does ask if it will have a Retina display. Honestly, we don’t see that happening yet. That’s going to be a high price and a huge Retina screen when you’re talking 21- and 27-inch screens.

However, the other points he speculates seem totally on:

A few things we can count on in the new iMacs are new Ivy Bridge processors, improved graphics chips, USB 3.0, and expanded SSD capacities. Also look for a new slimmer design with Apple finally removing the optical drive from the side.

As the report mentions, it’s possible that Apple will announce it alongside the iPad mini, but it’s probably more likely that they will just give it an update and front-page it on for a few weeks. The blogs will take care of the rest for them.

[via FoxNews]


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