Rumor: Apple’s Next iPod Touch Will Have the Same Resolution as the iPhone 5


According to rumors, the latest update to the iPod line is coming tomorrow. With that comes a new iPod touch. According to reports, it seems that the device will receive a spec boost. Most notably, it will have an A5 processor (Which is the same one found in the iPad 2, Apple TV and iPhone 4S, and a 1136×640 display.

As expected, it will be a bit less powerful than the current iPhone. We wouldn’t expect the camera to be any better than the third-gem iPad, either. Apple seems to do this in order to keep the iPhone just a bit more desirable than the iPod touch. At least least that’s the impression we get.

There still isn’t a lot to go by on this, so we can’t confirm it. Honestly, the most reasonable guess for why this would be true is that Apple wants to keep screen sizes and resolutions the same across devices.

Following the iPhone and iPod announcements should be October’s iPad mini reveal, according to reports.

[via AppleInsider]

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