Steve Jobs is Reincarnated as a Heavenly Warrior, says Buddhist Abbot


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Steve Jobs is back. We’re not talking about back to announce the new iPhone 5. No. He’s apparently reincarnated as a heavenly warrior and philosopher, at least that’s what Phra Chaibul Dhammajayo, a Buddhist abbot living in Dhammakaya Temple near Bangkok, says.

Currently, Steve Jobs is “a divine being with a special knowledge and appreciation for science and the arts.” He has a rockin’, yet “mystical,” glass palace where he spends his days. It’s just above Apple HQ in Cupertino. It’s unclear whether Jobs will make the move along with his glass palace when the new Apple HQ is built. However, it seems that the current building will continue to exist, and the future one will simply house more employees. Perhaps heavenly warrior Jobs can have two homes in the sky as well.

The truth is, Steve Jobs was a Buddhist throughout most of his life as far as we can tell, so he likely believed in reincarnation. Obviously, we never asked the guy what he thought.

Turns out an Apple software enginner by the name of Tony Tseung was curious about his former boss, and emailed the Buddhist group in Thailand to find out how Jobs was doing. Jobs’ current life was announced on a television broadcast.

Here’s one of the best pieces of the original article:

Phra Chaibul’s claims are impossible to corroborate, and his sermons have unleashed significant criticism, including from some skeptics who suspect he is just trying to get attention to help with fundraising. Among other things, he has said the reincarnated Mr. Jobs spends much of his time lounging in a glass palace resembling an Apple store. Phra Chaibul also has said the being formerly known as Steve Jobs is attended by 20 servants, who seem to resemble the Apple store ‘Geniuses’ who help customers set up their iPhones and other devices here on earth.

Well, we wish you the best in the afterlife, Steve. Keep in touch with Jony Ive and Mr. Cook for us. You all worked well together.

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