Syncing Notes

The iPhone Notes app is a quick and easy way to jot down quick things you need to remember that do not fit in other functions like Contacts, Reminders, Calendars, or anything else.  These are a good way of taking notes beyond the simple pad and paper, especially if you are operating on an iPad.  There is also a built in way that you can actually move what you are compiling in Notes over to your computer, allowing you to save them or view them in another way.  Here is a look at how to sync Notes from your iPhone.

First, you are going to have to have at least an iPhone 3Gs, third generation iPod Touch, or any version of the iPad.  Older versions are prohibited from the most updated iOS version and do not have the functions that would allow for this, and will likely be deficient in other areas as well.


The sync of Notes actually works differently than syncing over types of iPhone content.  What it does is connect with either iCloud or the IMAP email account.  Start by going into Settings and going down to Mail, Contacts, Calendars if you want to set it up with the IMAP email account.  Select either your iCloud email address or your regular email address and you will find that it is set to sync over your Mail, Calendars, and Notes already.  There is an On / Off switch for Notes, and this should be set to On.

Then go into your email account inbox on your computer and you will see it as an available option.  In a Gmail account this will be in your left hand panel under things like Drafts and Sent Mail.  Here you will be able to see all of your Notes saved there as if they were email messages.  You can then do what you need since they are essentially just strings of text that were saved in Notes and are not representative of a native app.

There is no longer a way to directly sync Notes through iTunes in the newest versions of the iOS.

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