Syncing the iPhone Through Wi-fi

The iPhone has become a lot more independent in the last few models, but it is still pretty tied to your Home computer.  Syncing your iPhone is one of the best ways to keep it grounded, and is often still the best way to update it and add new content.  Now the iOS can initiate a sync between the Home computer and the iPhone without even forcing your to plug your iPhone into your computer.  All it takes is a shared Wi-Fi connection.

Start by going into the iPhone’s Settings and then go down to General, which is right above iCloud.  Go down to the bottom of the third block of options in General, which is right under Bluetooth.  When you do there will be a short message letting you know that you must begin by being on the same Wi-Fi network as your computer and that it is plugged into a power source, which could simply be to the wall.  It will also list when your last sync was and what type of content was synced.

If you are prepared you can hit the Sync Now button in the center of the screen, and when you do the sync will begin.  You can notice that is that the sync will have begun if there is a spinning progress icon at the top and the button has change and now says Cancel Sync, indicating that the sync is in progress.  The progress will also be recorded towards the bottom where it will list what step it is on, with a total of four steps.


Once the sync has finished it will list the last sync as having been the current time, and it will stay as such until a new sync occurs.  This quick sync is a great option when you need to quickly bring content back and forth, but it should not entirely replace the hard sync that you do by actually connecting your iPhone to your Home computer.

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