The iOS Multitasking Function

One of the biggest revelations out of the more recent versions of the iOS was the multitasking tool, even though it turned out to be much more simple than originally thought.  The tool allows you to utilize multiple apps at once without having to close out one to go to another.  Since the iOS does not allow you to run multiple apps on the same screen, this works quite a bit differently than it does on your home computer.  Here is a quick look at how to use multitasking on the iOS in its quick and easy format.

The reality about multitasking on the iOS is that if you do not close out an app it will remain open.  This means that if you have not brought up the multitasking task bar to actually close out your app, everything you have opened in a period of time is still up and running on your iPhone.  This means that you can re-open the app you were just on, either by just selecting it from the desktop or from the multitasking bar, and it will be accessible in the way that you left it.  Multitasking does not, however, allow you to simply go from app to app leaving things exactly as it would be if it had just been left open and up on the screen. That option is still not available on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

If you want to see what apps are currently up and running while you start by double clicking the Home button.  This will bring up a lower task bar with all the apps currently open.  You can then swipe right or left to go between them, and if you have not done this in a while then there may be many sets of apps.  You can then tap an app to switch to it, opening it as if it was on the desktop.


Whether or not the app is actually open when it is in the multitask bar really depends on the app, and this process in not universal.  Some things run in the app when the app is not open, and some things simply do not.  Audio playback will often work, and there will be an audio play sign in the status bar when it is.  Location services can as well, and the right corner turned arrow will appear in the status bar when it is running in the background.  This is also going to be true of iTunes syncing and the network activity spinning circle, though tis will only work for things like iTunes Match downloads, photos stream downloads and uploads, iCloud restores, and a few other specific functions.  The Voice Over function may also work on apps like Skype.


The iOS multitasking will only work on devices using the iOS 4 or later versions, which is not available on all devices.  This must be with at least the iPhone 3Gs or later, the iPod Touch’s 3rd generation, or any version of the iPad.

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