Turns Out the FBI Wasn’t the Source of the UDID Leak

Paul DeHArd BlutToad

Turns out that the FBI wasn’t the source of the UDID leak that hacker group Anonymous was responsible for. Instead, it was app publisher Blue Toad. CEO Paul DeHart says that his technicians found a 98 percent correlation between the AntiSec data and their own data. This made him 100 percent sure that the data was Blue Toad’s.

Of course it’s hard to say for sure whether the data was gathered by Anonymous, or just a group claiming to be them. Regardless, the group responsible claimed that they had pulled up 12 million UDIDs from an FBI agent’s laptop. The FBI denied that anything like that had happened. Apple also announced that they were not responsible for the leak.

Still, some reports say that a UDID leak isn’t a huge deal. Sure, it sucks, but it’s not exactly something to panic about.

[via MSNBC]

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