Using iOS Emoji

Emoji is an interesting invention of the Instant Message world that has made its way to the iPhone as IMs and text messages are uniting.  These are essentially “smiley faces” with different emotions, and often even other animated images meant to express and emotion or statement.  They appear as such rather than just as a combination of text symbols that sort of look like it and can be used uniquely on your iPhone.  But how do you use Emoji on the iPhone?  Here is a look at how to use and set up Emoji on your iPhone.

If you want to set up this option you can start by going into Settings and hitting General, which is the top of the third block of options.  Go into Keyboard, which is towards the bottom right under Date & Time.  Go into Add New Keyboard, which is often the place you go to activate a keyboard used for different languages.  Go down and find Emoji, which is right under Dutch and above Estonian, and select it.

Once you have selected it, Emoji will show up directly under English in the Keyboards menu.  If you want to remove it go to the Edit button in the upper right hand corner.  This will bring up a red circle with a white line through it that you can choose to delete Emoji.

Now that Emoji has been activated try going into your text message area, or another place where the keyboard is used.  When looking at the regular English keyboard hit the Globe button near the space bar and it will bring up your Alternate Keyboard, which in this case is the Emoji keyboard.  You will then have options like emotive smiley faces, cats and dogs, different everyday items, buildings, and numbers with arrows.

These can be integrated into regular text in the same way that numbers and symbols can be on the original keyboard.  This will allow them to go back and forth, and the Emoji keyboard will simply be one that you have access to in your regular messaging.  When you send the text message they will appear in the message as long as it is going to an iOS recipient.  If someone is using a non-iOS device, such as an Android phone, they may or may not be able to actually see them.


This is not available on devices that are using iOS versions before iOS 4.3, unless it is a Japanese device.

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