Videos of People Waiting in Line for Their iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Line

Did you spend the last few days or hours waiting in an iPhone 5 line? It’s okay. A lot of people did. Say what you will, but it’s fun to camp out and wait with a bunch of other people who all want the same thing. That’s what people were doing here. Let’s take a look at some of the lines that formed as people waited for the iPhone 5.


Waiting in line. It’s coming soon!


Rain? HA! We aren’t afraid of a little water.


iPhone 5 line in Japan. Actually, this line was just the one for preorders. Still, wow!


iPhone 5 Line in Sydney Australia. This one is especially interesting, because of the timezone, these folks are among the first to get the new iPhone.

We will be here for a while.


Why wait in line when you can pay someone to do it for you?


It’s that guy with the hair again! (We saw the dude with the Kid n Play hair in another video. He was on his MacBook)


More videos of the iPhone 5 line. Guess what? He’s here, too. Man, we should set up an interview with him.

It’s gonna be a long night.



Did you wait in line?

Did you wait in line for the iPhone? Why or why not? We can see the benefit to both. On one hand, ordering means you don’t have to wait in line, and you can have it delivered at home. However, waiting in line means you are one of the first people to get it–if that’s important to you. There is also something fun about waiting in line with a bunch of other people who want the same thing. I’ve never waited in line for an iPhone, but I did for Nintendo’s Wii. It was fun to sit with other like-minded people for a night. Sure, part of it was about being one of the first to have it, but it was more about having a fun night with others who all wanted the same thing. It was just a good time. Nothing wrong with that.

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