Why does AT&T Want Us to Pay for FaceTime Over Cellular?

FaceTime over cell

Carriers can be real jerks about data. Look at AT&T. They want us to purchase a compatible plan in order to use FaceTime on their cellular network. Okay. We understand that it eats up data, but the thing is that we have an allotted amount of data per plan anyway.

For instance, look at the new iPad on AT&T. 3GB of data will cost you $30. What difference is it to them if I want to use those 3GB on my iPad, or through tethering? Or if I want to use it for FaceTime? It’s still 3G, and they will cut me off when I’ve used it (or offer me more data for more money).

It’s the same with our cellular network. It’s data we are paying to use regardless, and we truly don’t think it makes a difference to them whether we use it for a FaceTime call or for a YouTube video.

Maybe we’re missing something here.

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