Young Adults and Teens Are Most Responsible for US Smartphone Growth


According to Nielsen data, teens 13-14 and adults 25-34 contributed to a significant chunk of growth in smartphone marketshare. They surveyed 20,000 mobile users aged 13 and up.

In fact, just over half (55.5 percent) of mobile users own smartphones. Young adults make up most of the crowd as 74 percent of them own smartphones. Teens are also a major part of smartphone growth and ownership with 58 percent of them owning smartphones, but that’s up from only 36 percent a year ago.

Here’s a portion of the report:

Overall, young adults are leading the growth in smartphone ownership in the U.S., with 74 percent of 25-34 year-olds now owning smartphones, up from 59 percent in July 2011. Interestingly, teenagers between 13 and17 years old demonstrated the most dramatic increases in smartphone adoption, with the majority of American teens (58%) owning a smartphone, compared to roughly a third (36%) of teens saying they owned a smartphone just a year ago.

Much of that is Android, according to the data, but iOS is right there behind it.

[Nielsen via 9to5Mac]

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