5 Known Issues With the iPhone 5

 iPhone 5 Keyboard flicker

The iPhone 5 has been available for a little over a week an some issues are emerging. We’ve seen purple lens flares, light leaks, scuffgate and more. Let’s take a look at five known issues with the iPhone 5.

1) Scratches on aluminum backplate


The biggest complaint we hear is about the backplate of the black iPhone 5. It’s anodized aluminum. It’s also painted to match the color of the handset. The bad news is that this paint has been known to easily chip off. This exposes the aluminum underneath. Because of the black paint, seeing a scratch on the surface exposes a silvery-colored aluminum. It’s rather unsightly. The other major issue with this is that some of the handsets have this problem right out of the box. An eager new iPhone 5 owner pulls their handset out of the packaging, and they see a scuff mark. Ouch.




2) Purple Camera

iPhone 5 camera purple

Some users are noticing a bit of a purple lens flare with the iPhone 5 camera. Users taking pictures out in the sun may notice a bit of that purple. It looks kind of weird, actually. A few users have reported this issue and several websites have tested it out. It seems fairly common, and shows no indiction of being an isolated incident. We will see what happens, but let’s hope it’s just a first-run iPhone 5 issue that gets sorted out. The above photo (credit to Gizmodo) shows the iPhone 5 camera compared to an iPhone 4S and a Nikon D300.


3) Keyboard glitches

iPhone 5 Keyboard flicker

We saw this one first-hand. There are problems with the software keyboard. You will see a thin, flickering line running through some of the keys. It seems random, and others have pinpointed it to when they log into something with their Apple ID. Either way, it’s there, and it looks like a software problem. It’s limited to the iPhone 5, so it may be an issue with its build of iOS 6. Let’s hope it’s something that can be fixed in a future update. If it’s a software problem (which it definitely sounds like), it’s not a huge deal. If it’s something that can’t be fixed in the software, this can get very annoying.


4) iPhone Rattle

This one can be a problem. Some iPhone’s make a little bit of a rattle sound when shaken. Since we carry our iPhone around everywhere, this means you may be hearing that pretty often. Maybe it will happen when raising it toward your head, or when walking with it in your pocket. It seems that the problem is a loose battery. It’s not something you should he hearing. The video above shows what it sounds like. It also has a simple fix. They said that the user can put a bit of pressure on the front glass of the handset with the palm of their hand. This will push the battery down and it will stick where it belongs. The sound should stop after that.



5) Light Leak

iPhone 5 light leak

This seems like a minor issue to me, but it apparently really annoys some people. It’s a bit of light leaking where the Power button is. It’s probably more apparent in the dark. It’s also said to be more of an issue with the iPhone iPhone 5. Either way, it’s reported that Apple does replace these units. (Image Credit: BGR)


6) As with any new product, from anybody, we are going to hear about some issues. These things are mass-produced. There will be problems with some units. The challenge for Apple now is to fix those problems and find a way to perfect things, so that users are happier with their products.

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