Apple Developer Guideline Update Could Kill Apps That Promote Other Apps

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Apple’s developer guidelines have been updated. According to the new rules, “Apps that display Apps other than your own for purchase or promotion in a manner similar to of confusing with the Apple Store will be rejected.”

This would kill apps like FreeAppADay. The idea is that apps can’t cross-promote from different developers. We saw several here.

Here’s a portion of a TechCrunch report explaining Apple’s view of the Apple Store:

Still, Apple’s vision of the App Store is clearly one of a meritocracy, where the apps that demonstrate the most quality are the ones that rise to the top, since that’s the approach that guarantees higher user satisfaction overall and helps maintain the App Store’s reputation against its competitors’ mobile software marketplaces. The changes to the App Store in iOS 6 appear to be geared towards offering more places where Apple can highlight quality apps, and even de-emphasizing top charts as opposed to other sources like Genius, and this is another one intended to keep quality discovery at the forefront.

However, TechCrunch did ask one developer, who makes AppHero, which is an App recommendation service. The founder, Jordan Satok, seems to believe that Apple would see this as “merely value-add for App Store consumers, and therefor likely to be left alone by Apple.” This is because it does not seek apps based on payments to the developer to promote. It simply finds apps that users may be interested in without favoring one over the other based on how much another developer has paid out to have their app promoted. If that’s the case, it’s apparent that the change is designed to keep developers from starting to build their own ad networks for apps, as many developers pay money to have their app promoted like this.

[Via TechCrunch]

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