Apple Gains Ownership of The Beatles’ Apple Corps Logo

Apple Corps

Above is The Beatles’ Apple Corps logo. Apple owns it now.

This comes after a long trademark dispute with Apple Corps. they company that was founded by the members of The Beatles several years ago. There was a dispute when Apple Inc. (at the time Apple Computer, Inc.) when they jumped into the music industry with iTunes and the iPod. Apparently, this was because now two companies called Apple were in the business of distributing music. It’s somewhat understandable why this might tick off some people at Apple Corps.

Things have been resolved, and The Beatles are now available on iTunes (which was cool for Apple, because Steve Jobs was a huge fan. On top of that, The Beatles are notoriously protective of their works, and have enough clout to do whatever they please. It’s unlikely they’d ever have to release to iTunes if they didn’t feel like it.)

According to TUAW, this probably doesn’t mean much on Apple’s end as far as doing anything with the logo. It’s “the company tying up any loose ends to a decades-long trademark dispute.”

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