Are These Photos Google’s Native Maps App for iOS?

Google MAps 1

A developer by the name of Ben Guild reportedly posted some photos of what he says are Google’s own version of Maps, which will be available for the App Store at some point in the (hopefully) near future.

The application is said to still be in the alpha testing phase, so there is a good while to go before we see it hit the App Store.

Google Maps 2

Here are a few details about the application, according to Guild. Again, it’s unclear how accurate his information is, but it all makes sense. None of it seems far-fetched or off, either:

  • It’s vector-based.
  • It’s got two-finger rotation to any angle.
  • It’s super fast.
  • 4-inch height of the iPhone 5 is supported!

Apple’s own map apps was introduced with iOS 6. It isn’t exactly the most-loved mapping app, and we think it still has to face some growing pains (As Google Maps did before that) and it will eventually get there. Either way, it was good for competition.

[via AppleInsider]

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