Artist iOS 6 Concepts: App Store and Multitasking Improved

 App Store iOS fix

It’s interesting to see iOS concepts drawn up by users of Apple’s mobile operating system. Today we have images from artists who found ways to improve iOS. One is a fix for the App Store. The other is a slight modification to the multitask pane, that could actually be useful.

The App Store has changed for iOS. It’s a lot less efficient when it comes to app searches. One artist came up with a way to refine things. One is a list view when the handset it held in portrait mode. The other is more like the cards we have now, but it would work in landscape.

Below is an image of what the new layout could look like:

App Store iOS fix

Credit: iMore

The other is the multitask pane at the bottom of the screen. This one makes use of the extra space the iPhone 5 has to offer. Take a look:


(Credit: The Verge)

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