Consumer Reports Calls iPhone 5 a Winner, and Says Apple Maps Are Okay

 iPhone 5 Standing

Consumer Reports has weighed in on the iPhone 5. Turns out they like it, and think that it’s “among the best smartphones in our Ratings and best iPhone yet.” It’s worth noting that Consumer Reports was famously tough on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S (in the case of the iPhone 4, it was about the antenna, so their criticisms definitely had merit).

Consumer Reports also tested out Apple Maps. They called it “competent enough.” That’s much better than we would have thought, but its probably worth noting that the quality of Apple Maps may vary depending on where you live. A fellow writer in Chicago said it works great, but another who lives somewhere in New Jersey is not a fan. Personally, it seemed to find things accurately enough, but it led me through extra-long routes I wouldn’t have normally taken (I tested it in an area I knew just to see what it could do.).

They also note that it’s the best smartphone camera they’ve seen next to the Nokia 808.

[Consumer Reports via Cult of Mac]

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