Dealing With Corrupt Files in iTunes

Fixing a Corrupt File in iTunes

Usually you can use the iTunes software on Windows and not run into any sort of problems. But if you download lots of multimedia files on iTunes, particularly videos, you are likely to find a corrupt file or two that won’t finish downloading.  These are going to be disrupting influences on your playback and can be difficult to manage.

This is a common problem that many people are encountering on the iTunes software. When the corrupt file error message pops up in iTunes, iTunes may prompt you to download the available software updates to fix the problem. You may try updating the software, but chances are that downloading the updates will not fix the problem, so here is a better solution:

If you are running iTunes on Mac, and facing the corrupt file problem, here is what you can do:

1. Navigate to Users\UserName\Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Downloads.

2. In the Downloads folder, you will see the TMP folder, containing the corrupt iTunes file. Delete the folder.

3. Open iTunes, and click Check for Available Downloads, under the Store drop down menu on the menu bar.

Immediately, iTunes will attempt to download a fresh file, to the appropriate category in the iTunes Library.

Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 users will follow the same above-mentioned steps. Just the folder paths will be different, as mentioned below:

In Windows XP, it will be: C:\Documents and Settings\WindowsUserName\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Downloads.

In Vista: C:\Users\WindowsUserName\Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Downloads.

And in Windows 7 the path will be: C:\Users\WindowsUserName\My Music\iTunes Music\Downloads.

Fixing a Corrupt iTunes.exe File

Other than receiving the corrupt download file error, iTunes may also give you the corrupt iTunes.exe file error. If this happens, it means that the iTunes.exe file has corrupted and become unreadable. Although Windows recommends running the Windows built-in Chkdsk utility, Apple offers an easier solution of fixing the corrupted iTunes.exe file:

The first thing to do is to make sure that you are running the latest version of the iTunes software. You can check the iTunes version you are running by going to iTunes menu -> About iTunes on Mac, and in PC you can check from Help menu -> About iTunes.

If you are running an older version of iTunes, you can download the latest version from here. But if updating iTunes doesn’t fix the problem, you can try updating your iPod to correct the corrupted files that are in the device’s memory. You can update the iPod software by going to Help -> Check for updates in the iTunes program. Finally, if none of these methods work for you, restore your iPod to factory settings. This is your last resort. You can learn about restoring iPod from this article.

Fixing a corrupt file in iTunes or the iTunes.exe does require a little bit of work and time. Fortunately, even with that though, it is still easy and simple to do, and certainly does not mean that you cannot use iTunes anymore.

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