Do Apple’s EarPod Packaging Really Look Like an App Icon?


(Image: CultofMac)

According to a recent blog post we saw on website CultofMac, the packaging that Apple’s EarPods come in look just like an app icon. We can sort of see that. The picture above shows it.

However, we really don’t know if that’s meant to look like an app icon. At least one other commenter seemed to agree. Maybe Apple is just obsessed with squares that have rounded corners. After all, most of their designs are rectangles or squares with rounded corners. Look at the Mac Mini, Apple TV, AirPort Extreme, etc. Even current iPhone designs are flat-edged rectangles with each corner rounded off, as is the iMac.

It’s an interesting observation, but methinks they are looking a bit too far into it.

Perhaps someone can ask Jony Ive or someone else on Apple’s design team.



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