FreedomPop Releases iPod Touch Case That Turns Your Device into a Wifi HotSpot

FreedomPop Case wifi hotpsot

The iPod touch is a great little media device. Unfortunately, it is restricted to only connecting to the internet through a wifi network.

This is a cool little gadget, and it will set you back $99. You can even turn your iPod touch into an iPhone, in theory. You’d just have to download an app that allows you to make calls on an iOS device.

You will get 500MB of free data, but can pay for one of FreedomPop’s monthly plans if you want more data or a faster connection.

It won’t work with the current, larger model. It’s also said to use Clearwire’s WiMAX network, which doesn’t exactly offer the best coverage. Still, it’s a portable wifi hotspot. May be worth looking at.

[via CultofMac]

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