iBooks 3 Mentioned in iTunes, Removed Shortly After – Focus of iPad Mini Event?

 iBooks 3

iBooks 3 received a quick mention in iTunes. A book listing mentioned compatibility with iBooks 3 before being removed. The image above comes from TheNextWeb.

This may be a sign that Apple wants books to be much of the focus of the iPad mini event. This makes sense given that the device is expected to be a Kindle Fire competitor.

This isn’t on the developer’s end, either, says the report. They can’t set the text in the section from the image above. That means the error was on Apple’s end. Did someone jump the gun, or was it a legit typo? Either way, it’s an error. We’re betting iBooks 3 is on the way.

The iPad mini is expected to debut at an Apple Event tomorrow, October 23, 10am Pacific (1pm Eastern).

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