in:play – The Next Generation of Music Player Has Finally Arrived

I hate the native music player on my iPhone.

OK, maybe hate is too strong a word, but I really dislike it a lot. When I know what I want to play and want to quickly get to it, I can’t. It’s impossible to do anything quickly and simply – everything takes multiple swipes and pokes to get to.

It’s kind of shocking that no one has made a better mousetrap before now, but I think the solution may finally be at hand.

Came across this video for in:play the other day, and it’s the music player you’d have thought Apple would have made. I reached out to the app’s creators and they were kind enough to let me install it on my phone and play with a rough beta build.

Already, I can’t live without it.

Everything is intuitive. Every swipe does what you expect it to, and there aren’t zillions of controls.

Want to pause a song? Tap the screen. Want to skip to the next song? Swipe the screen to the left. Want to go back to the previous song? Swipe to the right. Want to see your full music listing? Swipe down.

Probably the coolest feature of in:play is called Deep Context – enabling you to play all the songs in your library, all the songs on an album or all the songs by a single artist, just with simple touches on the screen.

“We created in:play out of our own fundatmental need for something that was better than what we had available,” said Mat Rhoades, CEO of bigbluecouch, the app studio behind the music player. “We had a tremendous amount of frustration when it came to the native player. It’s difficult to navigate, hard to use; it’s not particularly aesthetically pleasing.”

in:play’s genius comes in its simplicity. It’s not for streaming, buying or sharing music. It’s for playing it, and playing it well.

You can sign up to be notified when in:play is released in the app store and for a chance to win a copy (five people will win).

See more app screenshots below:

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