This May Be Our First Real Indication of iPad Mini Pricing

Pricing iPad mini rumors

As with any rumor, read this with a heavy dose of skepticism. Supposedly, the above image reveals the iPad mini’s pricing structure.

Seems there will be multiple models. We could have figured that much out. The pricing is in Euros, so a direct conversion means that that tablet will start at $320. That’s a lot more than the Kindle Fire HD and the Nexus 7. According to Gizmodo,  Apple seems to more or less use a conversion like that for the current iPad. Still, we are sure that other economic factors come into play when decided prices by region.

My guess is that Apple hasn’t revealed prices to anyone yet. Not even retailers. This is just a guess that someone in charge of some major retail system did. They probably just wanted to make room for the SKUs when the tablet is announced.


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