iPad Mini Rumor Roundup: What Can We Expect From Apple’s Next Tablet?


The iPad mini is rumored to be on the way. If it’s real, we will see it by the end of the month. By the start of November, it will probably be in stores. Based on Apple’s usual announce/release schedule, it should launch Friday, November 2nd.

1) Apple has ordered a lot of iPad minis

We recently learned that Apple has ordered 10 million iPad minis from suppliers. That’s a ton. That’s almost as many iPads as Apple sold during their first year (if memory serves me  better than my Google skills do right now, the original iPad sold at a rate of roughly 1 million per month.) Sure, they are gearing up for the holiday season, and they can sell those 10 million throughout the year. It’s still a lot of tablets.


2) Will be unveiled on Oct. 23

This is All Things D reporting the news, so consider it confirmed. Whatever sources they have are freakin’ amazing. If this is the case, we can probably expect the tablet to arrive in early November. Obviously Apple wants to hit that holiday shopping season.


3) Thinner bezel

The bezel is going to be thinner than the full-sized iPad. This is likely to give us a little more screen space while keeping the tablet small. The pictures we’ve seen all support this, and if they are anything to go by (remember, the iPhone 5 leaks turned out to be legit), it looks like we already know what the iPad mini will look like on the outside.


4) A5 Processor

It’s said that the iPad mini will have an A5 chip. This is likely because (according to Gizmodo) they stockpiled A5 chips with past devices and for the iPad 2, which is still sold, and has a slightly modified A5 chip. Apple will likely want to get rid of that backstock.


5) Wifi-only?

This rumors are conflicting here. Some say that it will be wifi-only, others say that it may have a 3G connection. This can really go either way: 1) To keep the cost competitive with smaller tablets in pricing. 2) Some people want that 3G connectivity.


6) No Retina Display

Sadly, it seems like this iPad won’t have a Retina display. This is a bummer if you planned on using it primarily for reading. The Wall Street Journal said that the iPad mini will have a lower resolution than the current iPad. This may help keep costs competitive as well.


What can we expect price-wise?

The iPod touch is $299. This means that the iPad mini is likely to cost more than this. It’s also going to have to cost less than the iPad 2 ($399), Perhaps $349 is the magic price? That’s still somewhat competitive with rival tablets.


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