iPad Trade-ins Rise After iPad 4th Generation Announcement

ipad 4th gen

The 4th generation iPad was announced just six months after the release of the third-gen iPad. The biggest update is speed and the new Lightning connector. Aside from that, it’s an iPad 3.

Still, those who bought an iPad 3 are quickly trading in their old tablets so that they can pick up the new one. According to the folks over at NextWorth, who specialize in trade-ins for such devices, they saw more than a 1000 percent increase in iPad trade-ins on Tuesday.

Here’s what they said:

Across all iPads, there was a 1015 percent increase, with 66 percent coming from iPad 3, 28 percent from iPad 2 and 6 percent from the original iPad.

Because the trade-in rate is high, NextWorth and some similar services, are offering promos for those trading in some iOS devices. They offer the promo code “MINI.” This will fetch an extra 10 percent on a trade-in. It’s also worth noting that many of these services offer price-lock deals. This means that you can commit to trading in early, but can keep your device until the new one is available. That way, you are not iPad-less for a week or two.


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