Letterpress: It’s a Word Game Unlike Anything We’ve Played


At first glance Letterpress seemed like just another social word game. Think Words With Friends, and whatever others are available on Facebook and iOS. This one, however, adds a new dimension to the gameplay.

It’s by Loren Brichter, creator of Tweetie (Tweetie would later become the official Twitter app for iOS). Now he created Letterpress. It’s actually more interesting than we’d anticipated.

Players are assigned a color, either red or blue. From there, you are given a 5×5 grid with random letters. You can tap any of the letters on the board to compose a word. You must use at least two letters for a word to be valid.

Let’s say you are blue and you tap out the word ‘BEES.’ The letters B, E, E and S will become blue. No one can use the word bee or bees anymore, but they can still steal those blue letters to make them red. The idea is to “defend” your tiles by surrounding them with like colors. If you surround a blue tile with all blue, it will turn a darker shade. That letter can still be used by the other player, but it will be locked in as blue’s tile. The game ends when one player has managed to change all tiles to their color (note that they don’t ALL have to be locked. You just win when you make that last tile turn your color). The game can also end when both players skip their turn consecutively. The game then tallies up the tiles and the winner is the one with the most takeover.

It’s actually quite entertaining, and much more fun that it may initially sound.

The games can run kind of long, because it will be a lot of back and forth between the players. Still, the combination of strategy and word game is an interesting one. You definitely have to plan a bit if you want to win, but it’s beyond just finding big words and rarely-used letters.

It works directly with GameCenter, and it’s a free app. You don’t have much to lose by trying it out.

You can download it by hitting the following link:

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