Limiting Ads on Your iPhone

Ad tracking is a significant part of the iOS and allows companies a penetrating way of tracking ad relevance from your iPhone.  This is not a finite thing inside the iOS 6 and you have the ability to opt out, and there are options that affect both of the ways that you can end up encountering the ads.  Here are the ways that you can disable the type of Ad Tracking used on the iOS 6.

The primary way is to simply allow Limit Ad Tracking to be turned on, which creates a filter that can allow you to slow down the process.  Go into your Setting and select General, which is at the top of the third block of options.  Go to the very first option, About, where you get a lot of statistical and product info about your iDevice like the number of media files and its serial number.  If you head towards the bottom you will find Advertising, which will be in the bottom block of options above Diagnostics & Usage.  Here you have an On / Off switch for Limit Ad Tracking, which you should turn On to add this filter to the advertising tracking features.

The second way to approach this is to address Location-based iAds entirely, which uses your location information to customize intrusive ads.  Go back into Settings and then select Privacy, which is a new setting right under Brightness & Wallpaper.  Select Location Services at the top of the menu, which will be set to On by default since this applies the Location Services for a number of different apps.  Head to the very bottom of the list and select System Services.  Here you will see a number of specific On / Off switches for Location Services, such as Genius for Apps and Compass Calibration.  Ho to Location-based iAds and turn it to Off, which will disable the ability for iAds to actually use your Location Services.

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