Lots of iPad 3 Owners Are Upset That Apple Announced a New iPad

4th gen iPad

According to surveys and reports, a lot of iPad 3 owners are upset about the newly-announced iPad 4th-gen.

Some of those people may be legitimately upset. I bought mine in April, and it’s no skin off my back. However, it’s easy to see why someone who bought an iPad 3, say, a month ago, and expected not to see something new for at least half a year can be annoyed.

Still. It’s not a huge update. The speed boost is nice, but weren’t people just hating on the new connector anyway? The iPad still looks just like the last one aside from the Lightning port.

I won’t say I was thrilled with the announcement, but I just kind of heard about it and went on with my day. The thing to keep in mind is that Apple had a choice to make if they wanted to move this thing to the holiday release window: 1) Delay the tablet until the end of the year; or 2) suck it up and release it. Sure, it sucks for now as consumers. However, we now know that the next one will be ready for the September/October part of the year.

Look at the bright side: Now when you get an iPad for Christmas (if that’ what you celebrate) you won’t have to worry about it being “the old model” in three months.

[via CultofMac]

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