More iPad Mini Photos Emerge — Black Model, 3G Support

iPad mini white front

 The iPad mini almost feels like a reality at this point. We’ve seen plenty of leaks and photos of what is likely Apple’s smaller tablet. The newest images show us a black iPad mini and a nanoSIM tray.

The source is said to be a production line in China. That’s worth noting because yesterday’s rumor said production is beginning in Brazil, and it was unclear whether or not iPad minis would also be produced in China. Of course Apple rumors can come from anywhere, and can spread like crazy.

This is the first time we have anything beyond some pictures of the outside. We actually have an idea of what features the tablet may have.


iPad mini black insides

Labeled above:

1) headphone jack

2) Plastic cover for wifi antenna

3) NanoSim Tray

4) Lightning conector


iPad mini components back

[Via Gizmodo]

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