New Siri Features For the iOS 6

Siri has seen a new facelift with the new iOS 6 update, which will be one of many for this new feature.  Siri’s voice command function is one that will differentiate the commands you give it to both control functions for the iPhone and to find certain types of information, such as information about a person or topic.  It has recently see new topics that it can differentiate easily as well as new functions it can interact with.

Siri has been embedded so that it can find information that might be commonly requested through the Internet, such as sports scores.  If you initiate Siri and then ask specifics about professional sports teams, scores for games, and general team results.  If you ask Siri a specific question about a game it is now designed to interpret that function and will then issue you a basic fact readout.  This will include who played, the scores, and the results by period.

The read out will be similar if you ask about movies in your area.  If you make a request for what movies are playing in your area you can get a read out of what is nearby, as well as their showtimes and the review average from Rotten Tomatoes.  This completely bypasses independent apps such as Flixtster where you can normally look, and speeds up the process.  You can also ask about specifics, such as an individual move to get basic information and possibly the location and showtimes for it.

Additionally, Siri has been renovated to do the same thing with restaurants.  Again, this steals some of the thunder from iPhone apps like Yelp since it will differentiate the specifics of what you want from your voice command.  For example, a command such as “What Mexican restaurants are nearby,” will give you a response with names, addresses, prices ranges, and average ratings for Mexican places in your vicinity.  You can go more or less specific on this as well, which is a nice way to simply narrow your search results by how you want to phrase your request.


One of the most remarkable new functions of Siri on the iOS 6 update is that it will open apps through voice commands.  This will allow you to simply state the app you want to open and it will then initiate it.  This can be a little trickier for some of the social networking apps since you may need to have already have logged into your account.

Since Twitter and Facebook are both directly tied to your iPhone’s functions in the iOS 6 update you can also send statuses and tweets via the voice command.  If you issue a command such as “Tweet this is a great day,” it will then show you a preview of the tweet and then ask you to confirm to send it to your account.  This is a great way to stay integrated with your social networking accounts without having to navigate the apps themselves.  This is also a part of Apple’s attempt to make social networking just as embedded into the iPhone as are the calling and text functions.

This is one of the first major overhauls to Siri, but since this is one of the defining functions that came with the iOS 5 you can expect that this is one of many continuous updates.  There may be new features on their way that are meant to centralize iPhone use within Siri, such as making other common Internet or app searches within Siri’s control.

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