Report: iPad Mini Sales Will Eat into Larger iPad


Piper analyst Gene Munster says that the iPad mini will cannibalize iPad sales. One out of every five iPads sold will take the place of an iPad grande.

I wrote  a piece for Byte yesterday explaining that Apple probably doesn’t care about that sort of cannibalization. It still helps their ecosystem grow (more iOS users) and it means that one consumer who may have had a Kindle Fire in mind chose Apple’s tablet over the the Android tablet.

So yes. While the iPad mini may very well take some of the thunder from the full-sized iPad, it’s still more iOS devices in consumers hands. This has what Apple CEO Tim Cook once called a “halo effect.” It’s a gateway for users to eventually switch to a Mac when they become familiar with Apple’s other products, which may have been the plan all along.

The iPad mini will likely be announced during the October 23 event that Apple sent invites to earlier this week, with pre-orders starting on the 26th and a launch date of November 2.


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