Some McDonald’s Restaurants Are Now Equipped With iPads

 ipad mcdonalds

(Image credit: Stephen M. Katz|Virginian-Pilot)

Some McDonald’s restaurants are now equipping tables with iPads. They have these fancy stands that keep them in place and (hopefully) keep them from being stolen.

The franchise owner found during the worldwide McDonald’s convention in Florida that Europe had several McDonald’s locations equipped with iPads.

Here’s a portion of the original report, from the Virginian-Pilot (via 9to5Mac):

“It’s a great idea to stay relevant, especially to a new generation,” said Hugh Fard, who opened the Lynnhaven Parkway restaurant about a week ago and owns 11 other McDonald’s in Virginia Beach. “People like to multitask, so why not provide that element for them?”

We wonder if other locations will follow suit. Thought it does raise a few questions about cleanliness.

 Read their full story here.

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