Someone Took Apart the Lightning Dock Adapter — It’s Not DIY-Friendly


 This is the inside of a Lightning Dock adapter. It’s not made to be taken apart. Well, not many things are, but this one looks like it’s made as DIY-unfriendly as possible.

According to the person who took it apart, the plastic shell is firmly glued into place, and it does not come off cleanly. It’s actually pretty messy to take a apart. Here is part of the story:

Finally the steel cage that surrounds it. Steel tabs insert through the circuit boards, there is silicone black crud and a thin coating of epoxy all over the chips inside. The board is u-shaped around surrounds the lightning plug and its ribbon cord. Removing it intact – with the forces involved to bend the steel – means that it isn’t going to be modded by anyone anytime soon. To access the contacts for the audio output to somehow hack a cable to this and make a dock audio output cable – would require a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and specialized tools. Probably a CNC to make the cuts to remove the steel cage. I got the steel cage off using tungsten carbide cutting hand tools, a dremel, and I still had to cut into the circuit board (probably nonfunctional protrusions of the circuit board, the long narrow parts of the u-shape) to get the board out. Further time was required to get off all the crud on the chips.

There’s more to it, and there are even parts that the person taking it apart can’t figure out the purpose of. It’s quite a piece of work. Apple definitely made sure that this one would be a pain to modify in any way.

[via Gizmodo]

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