Sprint Sold 1.5 Million iPhones in the Third Quarter of 2012

iPhone 5 Standing

Want to know how Sprint is doing with the iPhone? They sold 1.5 million of  them in the third quarter.

They say that it’s their best ever third-quarter churn, which means they lost less subscribers than they have in the past during the same quarter. They sold about 1.5 million iPhones during that time, and 40 percent of those sales were new subscribers. They also note that the iPhone 5 helped their LTE sales grow. However, the handset debuted very close to the end of the quarter, so it’s only a very small portion of the handset’s sales.

According to reports, however, this seems like very slow growth for the carrier. AT&T announced a 27 percent increase in iPhone activations and Verizon reported 15 percent.

[via MacRumors]

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