There is More to Apple Shake-Up Than Apple First Let On

Yesterday we learned that Scott Forstall, the long-time Apple employee and the public face of iOS, as well as John Browett, the new retail boss hired earlier this year, are leaving Apple.

The New York Times Bits blog has a few more details. It seems the departure wasn’t quite as friendly as it seems. They were fired.

What happened?

Let’s start with Browett–there’s less to say there.  Basically, he was not a good match for Apple. His previous gig was running Dixons, a British retailer. It just wasn’t a good match. There was the big mess that happened a while back when there were plans for Apple to cut staff at their stores. Seems it was one of Browett’s plans and it wasn’t exactly received well. Apple apologized for that one.

As for Scott Forstall. There is a lot more behind his departure. Forstall was known for his temper. In fact, some publications compared him to Steve Jobs and said he could be the next in line after Cook. However, there was a major problem with his temper: it pissed everybody else off. Seriously. IT was said that other folks on the Apple team such as Jony Ive and Bob Mansfield were not fond of him, and would avoid meetings with him unless Tim Cook was around. There are plenty of bits talking about how many of the people in Apple’s teams did not care for Forstall.

A portion of the New York Times report says that he was ambitious and had divisive qualities. When Steve Jobs died, this only increased as Steve “kept the dueling egos of his senior executives largely in check.”

The incident that was truly the end of Forstall’s career with Apple was the iOS Maps mess. As it was, Forstall was already falling out of favor with his peers. Forstall refused to sign the public apology from Apple. Instead, it was Tim Cook who took the punch in the gut and signed it. Forstall said the problems were exaggerated, according to reports. Eventually, enough was enough, and he was out.

Here’s one final piece of the report, explaining just how bad things were:

A senior Apple employee who asked not to be named said Mr. Forstall had also incurred the ire of other executives after inserting himself into product development that went beyond his role at the company. One person in touch with Apple executives said the mood of people at the company was largely positive about Mr. Forstall’s departure.

“This was better than the Giants winning the World Series,” he said. “People are really excited


[via NYTimes]

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