Too Much Data? How to Manage Data on Verizon iPhone 5

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 Verizon iPhones are consuming way too much data, users report. Interestingly, even on wifi, they use up data. There is now a patch issued by Apple. It takes care of the problem. It’s pretty quick and easy to download. Here’s how.

Go to the following: Settings>General>About

You  will get a message that says “Carrier Settings Updated: To install important new settings, tap OK, then press and hold the power button, drag the slider, and restart.”

When the phone restarts, you can check to ensure that your carrier software is now Verizon 13.1.

Verizon is also reported to have made a statement about the bug, and may not charge users for that data consumed, so long as it’s related to that bug.

[via Gizmodo]

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