Troubleshooting Emoji on Your iPhone

For people who are now using the Emoji symbols on their iPhone it has become an integral, fun part of texting.  Since these are not a part of the regular keyboard then it has some back and forth to do there, and the issues with it are relatively common.  Here are a few ways you can troubleshoot your iPhone’s Emoji when it begins giving your problem.

The very first issue that you will likely encounter is that Emoji and ensured to work with other iOS devices, either through regular text messaging or iMessage.  It is not guaranteed; however to actually work with other types of phones.  If you are sending Emoji symbols to someone in a text and they do not appear or appear simply as a little box, then it is likely that their device does not support your iOS Emoji.  In these cases you may want to email the message with the Emoji, which is supported on the iOS since the Emoji are a part of the keyboard and not specifically the texting function.

Emoji symbols are also prone to small errors that may or may not be permanent problems.  Question marks, equal signs, and other items can again be an indication that the recipient device is not able to read the Emoji, and there may be line breaks that occur before or after the Emoji symbol.  Emoji may cause problems with email messages and recipients can have trouble replying.  In many of these cases resending the messages without the Emoji symbols is going to present you the best option.  If you have received an email with Emoji and are having trouble replying you may want to delete them first and try again.


Emoji characters can have problems even when sent between iOS devices or to and from the Mac OS X.  Make sure that you are using the most recent version of the iOS if you are planning on sending or receiving them, and update your Mail for the OS X to v 10.7 or later.  Anything that comes before OS X Lion will not be able to read the Emoji, both when it is sent from an iOS device or from another Mac computer.


Between iOS devices the most efficient way to send Emoji icons is always going to be from iMessage, and even iPhone to iPhone SMS and MMS messaging can have issues.  Make sure that your iMessages is turned On and that you are either getting adequate cellular service for the 4G network or are connected to a local Wi-Fi network.  If you are sending Emoji symbols to iPhone’s in other countries, particularly China, they may give you the square image that people without the iOS often receive.

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