Updating to the iOS 6

The iOS 6 is finally here, and the range of devices that can now run it is numerous.  The process has actually become more inclusive now that there are two fundamental ways to download and install the device: through a hard computer connection or remotely on the device itself.  Here is a look at how to download and install the iOS 6 update through both of these methods.

To begin, plug the iPhone in to your Home computer.  It will either register that it is missing the iOS update, or you can just go ahead and select it from under the Devices heading in the left hand panel.  You can then hit the Check for Update button, which will begin a search to see if your current iOS version is the most recent one.  It will likely list next to the Update button that the iOS 6 update is now available and you can update your iPhone with the Update button.

Once you hit the update button you will get a series of menus, first confirming your download choice of the iOS 6 software.  From here you will first get a list of preliminary features for the iOS 6 and then the Terms & Conditions, which you will need to accept if you are to consider.  The software will download and then extract, finally verifying the update before it will go through a standard seven step syncing process.  At this point your iPhone should be done with the iOS 6 update.

You also have the option of forgoing the hard connection with your Home computer and to do it completely remotely.  First, make sure that your iPhone is connected to a secure Wi-Fi connection.   Go into your Settings and then down to General, which is at the top of the third block of options.  Go into Software Update, which is towards the top under About and above Usage.  Here you will have a place screen that will indicate some information about the iOS 6 update and a link where you can get a complete list of the features.

These features are substantial since this is an entire version increase rather than one of the more incremental updates; such as the iOS 5.1.1 download.  Below you can hit the Download and Install button, where you will again be asked to agree to the Terms & Conditions.  From here you will return to the previous screen, except a progress bar will now be in place with an estimated time to tell you how long you have to wait for the download to complete.  This process will likely take longer than it would during a hard connection on your computer, depending on your Wi-Fi connection.

After this it will verify the update and then restart your phone, going through the installation progress bar that you would see during a hard update as well.  After completion the iPhone will allow you to go through a brief menu system where by you can reconnect to your iCloud account and restart the device.  This is similar to the menus that go through activation or a restoration, only much shorter.


Once you have completed the iOS 6 update process you can check it by returning to Settings.  Go down to General, and then select the About section at the very top.  In here, among listings of your iPhone’s media content and serial number, will be exactly what Version of the iOS you are running.  There should also be some notable differences after the update has completed, such as Passbook being available on your desktop and the window borders being a bluish tint.


The actual features that are included in the iOS 6 download are numerous and foundational, unlike the previous iOS 5.1.1 update.

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