Using Siri for Tweets and Facebook Updates

Social networking is becoming the hallmark of the iPhone, especially since this is how mobile communication is getting redefined.  We began in previous iOS versions of having Twitter integrated into the regular iPhone functions, and now the iOS 6 has brought Facebook in.  This means that the both of them can be tied to things like Photos and Safari, but now you can also do quick status updates and tweets without ever having to open up the apps themselves.

The basic tool that allows people to do quick and easy updates is through Siri.  The iOS 6 update to Siri allows it to use voice commands to tweet and make Facebook updates.  If you want to do this you have to start by ensuring that you are actually connected to both your Twitter and Facebook accounts on your iPhone or other iOS device.

To make this process easier, you should download and install the official free iPhone apps for both Twitter and Facebook.  When you do you can go into Settings and find them both isolated away from the other apps in the fourth block of options.  Select each one and make sure to enter in your log in information.  This is going to allow both Twitter and Facebook to automatically work with the functions in the iOS 6 that are built for them, such as posting in Siri.  You also have the option to create a new account from in there.

When you log in to Facebook here, which is the new addition to iOS 6, a few things will happen.  It will first bring your Facebook contacts into your iPhone Contacts.  It will also sync up your Calendar with your Facebook events and allow your apps to work with Facebook if you want.  This is really just a complete integration with Facebook, but you can limit it as needed.

If you want to make a quick Facebook status or tweet on your iPhone you can do both with Siri.  Open up Siri by holding the Home button, and then just state that you want to tweet or make your Facebook status something.  Siri will interpret this and then give you a preview of what your tweet or status will be, which you can then confirm.  This will then be sent to your account, and it will not indicate that it came from your iPhone.

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