What You Need to Know About the 4th Generation iPad

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Apple dropped a bit of a surprise here. It’s the iPad 4th generation. Schiller announced this one today. It’s a Retina iPad with a few upgrades. The device didn’t really get the spotlight it usually does, but it seems that Apple wanted to adjust their product update schedule to fit the holiday season release window.

What’s there to know about the new iPad?

This is a bit easier, because there isn’t a lot of new with this one. It feels more like a quick update (tho the processor is a beast compared to the last one) intended to readjust Apple’s release schedule. The size and weight are the same. The screen is the same Retina display we had in the iPad 3. Pricing is also identical, as is capacity. In case you’re wondering, Apple kept the iPad 2, and dropped the 3.

Let’s go over the notable differences:


1) A6X Processor

One of the major differences is the new processor. It’s the A6X. This means it’s much faster than the previous iPad. It’s a dual-core processor with quad-core graphics. The iPhone 5 uses an A6 chip. The processor is Apple’s fastest, and should give the iPad a significant speed boost.


2) Lightning Connector

The new iPad has a lightning connector. This is really just an update to keep it compatible with new iOS devices and accessories. Expected for sure.



This isn’t so much of an update to the iPad’s look as it is a faster processor and again (stressing this) a way for Apple to line up their product launches with the holiday season. Not only is the iPhone and iPod line ready in time for the fall. Now the iPad and Mac family are becoming fall and winter releases. This works out for Apple as it may mean less press events. In the past they had a handful, each covered a flaghship product or two. Perhaps they can somewhat consolidate them into a group of events as the year winds down.



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